Niagara Foot - The innovative, low cost, energy-return prosthetic foot
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A Thai farmer does regular work with his Niagara Foot.
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The Niagara Foot
Superior Function & Energy Return at an Affordable Price

The Niagara Foot is a new, affordable, high-energy and durable prosthetic foot intended for the active individual. The Niagara Foot was designed by Robert Gabourie (Niagara Prosthetics & Orthotics International Ltd.), with support from industry partners Hippo Design (Montebello, Québec), Précicad (Québec City, Québec), and DuPont (USA) and a team of engineers from Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario). The Niagara Foot may soon be the foot of choice around the world. (See: "A Canadian Solution for Victims of Land Mines")

The Niagara Foot was designed specifically for individuals with active lifestyles and those who live and work in rugged conditions. Using impact-resistant DuPontTM Delrin® materials and high-tech design and manufacturing techniques, the Niagara Foot provides superior function and energy return capabilities at an affordable price.

The Niagara Foot has been fully tested, mechanically and in local and international field trials, and surpasses ISO 10328 standards.

Niagara Foot Model 1

Niagara Foot Model 1 is available in a single length with an optional cosmetic cover. This foot is ideal for individuals who walk barefoot and for those who wear running shoes or work boots. One of two materials can be selected to provide the desired stiffness according to weight and activity level. This foot has been fully tested in field trials in Thailand and El Salvador.

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Niagara Foot Model 2

The Niagara Foot Model 2 is an updated model. This model is available with an optional cosmetic cover, also fitting off-the-shelf covers. Model 2 can be used either barefoot or in any shoe. With simple modifications, local prosthetists can customize the response according to the weight, activity levels and personal preferences of the user.

2012 Medical Design Excellence Gold Award Winner


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